FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

01. Where to insert the Premium Key (Premium Password) ?
1) After receiving the Premium Key (Premium Password) to your E-mail from our Online-shop, click on ""HIGH Speed Download".

Example (Source:

2) In field "Enter password:" should be paste only one Premium Key.

Example (Source:

3) To the desired server from klick to "Your link to file download".

Example (Source:

02. Are there an limitations for downloading files?
While using the free download option, the download speed is limited to 100 Kb/sec For users from the Ukraine, the download speed can not be more than 50 Kb/sec However, for Gold account users, the download speed is unlimited.

03. Why am I unable to download files using Internet Explorer?
When downloading files larger than 2 Gb using Internet Explorer, you might encounter some problems. We do not recommend that you use Internet Explorer for downloading such large files.

04. Why is my download speed so slow?
Download speed depends on the functioning capacity of our download server, by the bandwidth of your home channel, and by the download program you are using. We recommend that you use the program ?Download Master?.

05. How do I use Free Download Manager? :

* You find a link for file you wish to download
* You load Free Download Manager
* Insert link into Free Download Manager
* Once the file is downloaded you may start using it

06. While I was downloading a file, I received the following error: ?Your IP has changed; You must have a static IP?.
You have a dynamic IP and it changed during the download process. Your IP address remain static. You will have to buy a Gold account to solve this problem.

07. Why is the file that I asked for missing from the server?
Files could be deleted for three reasons:
1) Due to an objection by the file owner;
2) The time allotted to upload the file was exceeded;
3) Or the person who originally uploaded the file has deleted it.

08. When will my Password become active?
The password becomes valid when it is used for the first time.

09. What are Points?
When you buy a Premium Account, you are receiving Points. You will receive 10 Points per day with a Premium Account. Let`s say you bought an Account for 7 Days, this means you will get 70 Points. If you bought an account for 14 Days, you will get 140 Points. Every time you download 1 Gigabyte of information, you use 1 point from your Account. In case you run out of points, you will have to buy a new Premium Account. Downloading some files may cost more than 1 point for Gigabyte, you will be notified of this on the download page.

10. May I suspend my password, resume it or extend it?
No, we do not provide such kind of services.
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