Policy concerning the refund

Our overall objective is safety and execution of obligations to clients. On the other hand we try to protect ourselves from casual the incidents connected with a piracy and swindle concerning the software.

  1. Cases at which return is possible

    1. The duplicated orders. If system on what or, to the reasons has sold to you two identical keys instead of two different.

    2. If sold system of the key has appeared not efficient.

    3. If the system, after your successfully complete payment, on any to the reasons could not give out or send you on indicating you an e-mail premium a key in a current of 7 days.

  2. Cases at which return is not possible

    We will not carry out return of means at all cases when use of the got keys cannot be considered fair or can be classified as swindle or a household piracy in the relation or that or. Especially, we will undertake actions on suppression of roguish attempts under the refund, we will contact your bank and we will protect the interests in court. Remember that to cancel payment for already received goods/services penal.

    1. Simultaneous purchase of several different premium keys. The scenario at which the user gets some keys, applies them, what most approaches its needs chooses, and, then tries to receive the refund for all other goods which do not approach it, is regarded as dishonest. The given actions harm to our business so we not begin to return the paid money or to resolve pretentious payments.

    2. We will not return money if you have got at us a key and have found out that it and in all is not necessary to you.

  3. Rules of return of means

    To receive return you should give us your operating e-mail address and the data on which the order has been carried out. Company does not bear responsibility for non receipt of a key as a result of the void e-mail address, given by you. The client is completely responsible for granting of a void e-mail address.

  4. Roguish payments by means of credit cards or Roguish statements

    All inquiries concerning payment cancellation are considered our technical and legal by departments. If you make the roguish statement that your credit card has been illegally used (you it earlier have lost or it has been stolen, etc.), we will request the given information in your bank. The given statement can entail cancellation of service of your credit card, add negative record in your credit history and create preconditions for an institution of administrative business against you.

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